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Press at VeeCon 2023

Thank you for your interest in covering VeeCon 2023. We love storytelling and cannot wait to have you join us at VeeCon to write your own!

Accredited press who will be attending VeeCon will receive:

  • Access to areas of the conference, including all speaker stages, workshops, activation areas
  • Access to the speakers, attendees and Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Daily press briefings and highlights of the day
  • Ability to book interviews and create content
  • A space to work through our media center which has access to the internet and unlimited coffee and refreshments
  • Discounted hotel rates based on availability for VeeCon attendees

To apply for a credential, please fill out the following online application form.


  1. Please select one point person from a media outlet to register for multiple requests from the same outlet.
  2. Please provide a letter on your company letterhead stating a description of your outlet, the name of the journalist(s) assigned to attend and the scope of the coverage.
  3. Please provide the social media handles and links to the media outlet and your own business Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.
  4. Freelance journalists or photographers must be on assignment from a publication and provide an official letter of assignment.
  5. Only currently active/on-assignment media will be considered for credentials. Influencers, analysts, podcasters, market researchers, marketing / advertising firms, brand content producers, and filmmakers will not be able to register for media access.
  6. Press Credentials will be approved at the discretion of the VeeCon team.
  7. Once your application is complete, we will confirm your request via email within one week of receiving.
  8. If you are approved for a credential, you will receive access to the limited block of hotel rooms held for press at the discounted conference rates. Rooms are sold on a ‘first come, first served basis’. The earlier you apply, the better your selection of hotel rooms.
  9. VeeCon reserves the right to approve or deny accreditation.



  • We are not allowing any live streaming or broadcasting from the conference.


All questions should be directed to: